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The continuous line for rigid polyurethane cored laminated sheet
  The rigid polyurethane virgin fluid is fed into the mixing head by a PU casting machine dosage pump and uniformly cast onto the bottom layer of the PU-cored laminated sheet when well mixed.It is then fed to the laminating conveyor together with the top face layer,where the PU is foamed and hardened into shape between the upper and lower chain-planks. The hardened sheet material is cut into the required lengths by an automatic tracker-cutter on the continuous line.Some soft material laminated PU cored sheets can also be edge-trimmed as necessary.
  Before casting,the top and/or bottom layer materials can be processed for the purposes of embossing,corrugating or other necessary treatments either on the line or off the line,depending on the materials of the top and/or bottom layers and their shapes.

A variety of industrial PU equipment is available for your choice.
The continuous flat top line for soft foam plastics.
The filter end cap production line
The low-pressure reaction casting machine
The high temperature type elastomer casting machine and the low temperature type elastomer casting machine.

Wood-working Machine
   Wood-working Machines are developed by us on the base of Japanese know-how for wood machining.
   MB402 series 4-side planer and MB412 series 5-spindle moulder are used for such wood-working industries as furniture, building material, laminated wood and indoor decoration, etc.
   MJ-4500 finger-jointing line is mainly used in such wood-working industries as furniture, building material and indoor decoration, etc.
   MJ274 Cross-cutting saw is used in LVL production for sizing materials and removing knots. It is also suitable for such wood-working industries as furniture, building material and indoor decoration.
   MXK5026 CNC router is used for milling graving and moulding of furniture, organic glass.
   MX3915 Double-end tenoner mainly mortise the two ends of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. This machine has upper saw, lower saw sad vertical spindle as its structure.
   MX3906 Longitudinal double-end tenoner mainly mortise the long edges of laminate flooring, solid wood and bamboo laminate flooring(multi-layer). Processing width can be ranged from 60mm to 600mm.

   Application: Preparation of logs, small-diameter wood, branches, bark, wood, rejected veneer, bamboo, cotton stalks and non-wood fiber stalk into quality chips for WBP and paper industry. Drum chipper is key machine for WBP, while disc chipper is for paper and WBP production.
   The chippers with advanced mechanism are used for wide range of material and can be maintained easily.

MDF/HDF Production Line

(1) 30,000m3/a MDF Production Line
(2) 50,000m3/a MDF Production Line
(3) 80,000m3/a MDF/HDF Production Line
(4) Hot press
(5) 4'×16'Press
(6) Sanding section
(7) Chip preparation section
(8) Fiber preparation section
(9) Mat-forming section
(10) Electric control for MDF line